Call for Peace

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

 In the Name of Allah,

the Most Gracious, and the Most Merciful

Brothers and Sisters!


Assalam o Alleyykum

  • Everybody in this world is looking for Peace and Serenity of Mind, but nobody is finding it.



 Under the light of the Qur’an and Hadith Peace and Serenity of mind depends upon the ‘Politics’ of the State.

Imam Ghazali (RA) defines Politics:

   ‘Politics’ is to reform public and lead them to the ‘Right Path’ that leads to success in this world and the life hereafter.

   ’Politics’ is the ‘Policy’ that creates love, affection, unity among the people.

 To achieve the objects of Politics as above the Politician has to be honest, faithful and independent, and concerned about the welfare of the people.

Abu Muslim Kholani states the quality of a ‘Politician’:

The ‘Politician’ is like a fresh and sweet fountain. The water of this fountain flows in the adjoining canals.

 If the people make the water of the canal dirty by taking a bath or otherwise, the fresh and sweet water from the fountain shall replace the dirty element from the canal.

 But if the water in the fountain, in itself is dirty, then one cannot find clean water in the canal.

 Therefore, the people cannot be reformed unless the ‘Politician’ possesses the qualities which he ought to posses to lead the people towards the ‘Right Course’ which leads to successes in this world and the life hereafter.

 Ahmed bin Omer bin Abdullah (RTU) say:

I petition Allah (SWT) that He (SWT) let the Head of the States be Honest and Independent because welfare of this world and the life hereafter is dependent upon the reformation of the Heads of the States.

  • The scientific age has let the mankind digress from the Right Path where the Guidance of Allah and Teachings of the Prophets have been put aside.

  • The religious aspects:
  • education,
  • sermons,
  • speeches,
  • composition of books,
  • reading the books and literature
  • listening to the sermons and speeches

are considered that as long as one reads and writes them, that is enough for the success in the life hereafter and there is no need to bring in the practical life.

  • In other words writings: books, literature and speeches, sermons, conferences only deal with the theoretical side of the religious values and not the practical

 With the Grace of Allah the circumstances led me to enter in the field of writing. The study of the Qur’an and Hadith and the history depicted that the shortcomings of the heads of the states, civil servants, religious leaders, businessmen, professionals, media and otherwise ought to be brought to light and this appears to be the only way to make efforts to search for Peace and Serenity of mind, as per the definition of Imam Kholani (RA):


But if the water in the fountain, in itself is dirty, then one cannot find clean water in the canal, then there shall be no clean water.

 The project: Call for Peace has embarked upon to reform the Heads of the States where they become as per the definition of Imam Kholani:

The ‘Politician’ is like a fresh and sweet fountain.

  • When the readers will browse the options of the website: callforpeace.org.uk, they fill find that Heads of the Muslim States have been targeted as they grossly ignored the petition to sponsor the project: Call for Peace which in fact is Introduction, Revival and promotion of Islam.
  • Similarly, the businessmen, professionals, political parties have been targeted as they did not listen to the representations either.
  • Insha’allah! The other authorities: media, religious leaders and any other organisation that has been indifferent to their duties and responsibilities, the facts shall be uploaded on the website: callforpeace.org.uk.

The important aspect which does not get attention of the Ulema (scholars) is the analysis of the Muslim Ummah. The project: Call for Peace is also diverting its attention to make analysis of Muslim Ummah, based on the observations and experience, that led to its downfall.

  • At the same time the books; articles shall be composed in rational style which will depict the Hikmah (prudence) of Allah (SWT) behind His (SWT) commands and Teachings of the Prophets. Alhamdu’lillah! following books have been composed in Urdu language which shall be translated in English and other languages i.e. Arabic, Gujrati, French, German, Italian, Spanish etc:

  • Qaza Namaz Ki Addaigi  

[to offer Qaza Namaz]

  • Wadu Namaz Ka Hissa Kayyun Hai?

[Why Wadu is Part of Namaz?]

  • Tazkiyya e Naffas Kayyun Lazim Hai? 

[Why purification of Naffas is necessary?]

  • Namaz Insan Ki Zindigi Ka Hissa Kayyun Hai?

[Why Salat is Part of mankind’s Life?]

  • Khatim ul Anbiyya Kay Namoos Ki hifazat Kayyun Ki Jai?

[Why Namoos of Khatim ul Anbiyya be protected]

  • Tsunami Tufan Hameen Kia Batla Gia?

[What Tsunami Tufan has told us (seven basic beliefs of Islam)]


  • The seven basic beliefs of Islam are:
  • There is Lone Entity of Allah (SWT). He has no partner.
  • The Mankind is One Unit.
  • The Mankind is to admit that he had testified that Allah (SWT) is his Rabbe.
  • Provider,
  • Preserver,
  • Cherisher,
  • There is only one Peaceful Way of Lifee. Islam.
  • Prophet Mohammed (SAW) is the Last Prophet.
  • Hazrat Essa (Jesus) is not son of Allah.
  • The Qur’an is Word of Allah
  • The success of the project: Call for Peace is dependent upon the:
  • people,
  • ulema,
  • religious organisations, media

  • There is saying in Urdu:

Tali Donoon Hathoon say Bajti hai.

[sound of clap emerges by striking two hands]


  • Therefore unless the people follow the Guidance of Allah and Teachings of the Prophets composed in the books, articles and convey through speeches and sermons, it is unlikely that the Blessings of Allah will be showered which will create atmosphere of Peace and Harmony where the Serenity of mind can be achieved.

Please help the project

which in fact is helping yourself to be successful

in this world and the life hereafter.

 May Allah help us to help us.

 Please remember in Dua’as