Altaf Hussain

Call for Peace


In the Name of Allah,

the Most Gracious, and the Most Merciful



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Altaf Hussain




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Brothers and Sisters!


Assalam o Alleyykum


When observations are expressed in respect of a personality it is necessary to introduce him so that the reader becomes aware of the profile of the respective person. In view of the proviso the Altaf Hussain introduction is as follows:




  • Altaf Hussain was born on 17 September 1953 in Karachi.


  • His parents late Mr. Nazir Hussain and mother both belongs to religious families of Indian city Agra. 


Political Career


  • Altaf Hussain founder and leader of Mutahida Qomi Movement (MQM).


  • There had been different charges against Altaf Hussain in Pakistan that led him to leave Pakistan and reside in England.


  • He conveys messages to the members MQM through Telephonic Address.


Indifference to Islamic Values


Although Altaf Hussain proclaims to be a true Muslim but he has been indifferent to the Introduction, Revival and Promotion of Islam.


Please read the option: Political Parties by logging on to website: you will find that in spite of repeated petition to sponsor the project: Call for Peace which in fact is Introduction, Revival and Promotion of Islam, he even did not acknowledge the receipt of any letter neither he took any notice of  the book: Do Heads of the States Want Promotion of Islam?  The manuscript of the book is part of the option: Muslim States.


Member of the coordination denied the receipt of the correspondence in his letter dated 19 03 07. In reply to this letter dated 24 03 07 proof of the receipt of correspondence by MQM were sent. No reply has been received.


Point of View


The project: Call for Peace warranted to communicate with Altaf Hussain to revert to the Right Path and repent and petition for forgiveness from Allah (SWT) as he is heading on the Wrong Path while he is considering that he is on the Right Path.