DVD Call for Peace

Call for Peace

In the Name of Allah,

the Most Gracious, and the Most Merciful

Downfall of Muslim Ummah

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Introduction of the Project:

Call for Peace


The Published Books

Brothers and Sisters!

Assalam o Alleyykum!

  • Hazrat Mohammed (SAW) is ‘Khatim ul Anbiyya’ where His (SAW) responsibility is to convey the ‘Message of Allah’ to every human being in any corner of the world.

  • Since He (SAW) had to depart from this world and no Prophet was to come, therefore the responsibility of conveying the Message of Allah to His (SAW) followers.

  • With the passage of time the progress in transportation, industrial revolution, methods of communication and information technology eased the communication of Message of Allah and otherwise. Therefore, other than to deliver lectures in person, it is also on the agenda that the methods of audio, video and information technology will be utilized to convey the Message of Allah at international level. The first step had been to setup a website: www.callforpeace.org.uk.

  • The second step had a video prepared for the introduction of the project: Call for Peace and the books published to convey the Message of Allah to the world.

  • Enclosed is a DVD. Please view this and judge for yourself that is there not a need to promote the project: Call for Peace to be successful in this world and life hereafter?


Brothers and Sisters! Now you can judge that how Allah (SWT) has been helping me to prepare for the Introduction, Revival and Promotion of Islam at international level. You are Umati of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) where it is your responsibility as well and you are in a position to convey the Message of Allah on the footsteps of:

  • The Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

  • Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (RTU)

  • Hazrat Othman (RTU) and Hazrat Abdur Rehman bin Auf (RTU)

as mentioned in you letter on page no: 8

I believe, at up till this point in time, I have done what I could to persuade you to revert to the Right Course. The choice is yours.


Naseer Aziz