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In the Name of Allah,

the Most Gracious, and the Most Merciful

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Brothers and Sister!

Assalam o Alleyykum

When the heads of the states, high commissioners of the muslim consulates, political parties and media did not listen where the project: Call for Peace could be brought on the scene, I was left with no alternative to publish a leaflet to this effect and pass the message through e mail, to the respective people and upload this message on the website: www.callforpeace.org.uk so that the world becomes aware of the real side of the Authorities of  Islamic Jamhuria of Pakistan.


Subject Matter

Brothers and Sister!

Assalam o Alleyykum

  • High Commissioners or Ambassador are viceroy of the respective Head of the Muslim States and are expected to deal with the issues of the inhabitants of their states and this is one of the objects of establishing an embassy in every foreign state.

  • When the reference to Byzantine Emperor’s statement was made by Pope Benedict in his Address on 12 September 2006, I wrote letters to you dated 16 09 06 to promote the book: Namoos e Rissalat: Khatim ul Anbiyya Hazrat Mohammed (SAW) Kay Namoos Ki Hifazat Kayyun Ki Jai? [Why the Honour of the Last Prophet Mohammed (SAW) be protected and preserved?]

  • Thereafter, with the Toffeeq of Allah, I made analysis of Pope Benedict’s address and sent  you copies saved on the CD to promote all over the world so that the misconception of the people of other faiths are clarified.

  • In my letters I also made reference to the book: Kaya Islami Riyastoon Kay Surbrah, Deeni Rehnuma, Umat e Muslimah Deen Islam Ka Farog Chahte Hain? [Do Heads of the Muslim States, Religious Leaders, Muslim Ummah Want Promotion of Deen e Islam?]. Moreover, I sent you manuscript of the book in English language: Do Heads of the Muslim States Want Promotion of Islam?

  • Furthermore, I petitioned you many a times to save the base of the project: Call for Peace as the house from where the whole of data has been processed will fall under Repossession Order due to the default in payment of monthly instalments. Thereafter, I sent you the Notice of hearing in the court.

But no reply received from any of the High

Commissioner of the Muslim Consulates.


Muslim Ummah

Is opposing

Introduction, Revival and Promotion of Deen e Islam


  • It is about time to repent and ask forgiveness of Allah (SWT) because you have failed to promote the data about the Last Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (SAW) and otherwise, which would have not only clarified the misconception of the people of other faiths but many of them would have believed Mohammed Ibne Abdullah (SAW) as the Last Prophet
    of Allah and the Qur’an the Word of Allah.