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Brothers and Sisters!

Assalam o Alleyykum

  • It is necessary to determine the meaning of the subject matter and the motive behind a criminal act before the elaboration of the subject matter otherwise there will be confusion in the minds of the readers.

  • As the subject matter is kidnap of a young innocent child therefore it was advisable to ascribe the meaning of the respective terms and the causes of the wilful malicious act, which has been done, as far as possible.


[May Allah Bless you]


Brothers and Sisters!

Assalam o Alleyykum

Let us first find out what kidnapping and abduction mean.

St Michael’s The new Illustrated Everyman’s Encyclopaedia defines:


In English law, technically means the taking away by force, fraud, or persuasion of a woman or girl against her own will or that of her parents or guardians.

The abduction of children under 14 years of age is technically called Child Stealing”, but the mother of a child or the father of an illegitimate child cannot be indicted.

Abduction must not be confused with kidnapping which is an offence at Common Law.

The term ‘abduction’ is also applied to the action of preventing the free exercise of the franchise of any elector.

St Michael’s The new Illustrated Everyman’s Encyclopaedia defines:


Kidnapping is an offence at English Common Law consisting of
seizing and carrying away a person against his will.

Brothers and Sisters! Abduction or kidnapping though are offences as per the Guidance of Allah and Teachings of Anbiyya e Karam and also as per the state law, but these offences are carried out:

  • to satisfy the Sensual Appetite,
  • to have social, political or economical demand fulfilled,
  • to be financially better off,
  • to enter in illicit trade to be financially better off.

Brothers and Sisters! Let us look at the above individually.


  • There are many motives to satisfy the Sensual Appetite. Let us look at a few motives.

Sexual Satisfaction

  • For this motive, normally the men, who cannot make a woman, agree to their sexual demands they kidnap her and abuse her against her will.

Love and Affection

  • A man and a woman who do not have children but have a sever urge to have one they kidnap a child in order to complete their family.


  • In such cases the organisations kidnap an important key figure of a government or renowned personality to have their demands fulfilled, where they have failed to persuade them through negotiations.


  • The mischievous people kidnap a wealthy person and make a demand of ransom money in exchange for his release.


  • The illicit minded people kidnap the young girls and they use them as prostitutes to make easy money.


Brothers and Sisters!

  • It is an accepted fact that any act which is done against the will of another person is oppression and oppression means depriving and infringing the rights of not only the person who has been kidnapped or abducted but also the rights of innumerable people who are connected with him or her because they are geared to him or her.

  • The consequences of kidnapping and abduction, Insha’allah! shall be dealt with under separate files.

  • Kidnapping and abduction is a very vast field. Therefore as soon as a file is prepared it shall be uploaded on the website:


[May Allah Bless you]