Letter – Full Term

Call for Peace

In the Name of Allah,

the Most Gracious, and the Most Merciful

Point of View



10 October 06


Mr and Mrs Tony Blair

Prime Minister


Brothers and Sisters!

Assalam o Alleyykum!

  • Head of the State and the public are counterparts of each other i.e. Head of the State devises policies and public implements those policies.

However, there are times when the difference emerge between the head of the state and the public where public wants him to resign. Moreover, the differences can emerge between the leader of the political party and its members where the members want him to leave office.

  • Brothers and Sisters! No doubt you are aware of the politics of the United Kingdom where there had been tussle going on between Prime Minister Tony Blair and Chancellor Gordon Brown.

  • There had been a mounting pressure on Prime Minister Tony Blair to quit the office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Brothers and Sisters! In Politics it is not a healthy sign the members of the political party force the leader to quit the office because it determines a precedent that anytime members are unhappy with their leader they can chalk him out. In this way there are many negative effect and impact on the state; socially, economically, psychologically and otherwise.

  • The project: Call for Peace warranted to write letter to Mr and Mrs Blair in their personal capacity where they make an effort that Tony Blair completes the full term as Prime Minister.

  • While reading the letter you will notice that an analysis has been made as to what are the causes of his downfall.

  • Being a member of the public it was my duty to highlight the shortcomings of the policies devised to run the affairs of the state. But the Prime Minister Tony Blair ignored everything put forward by the project: Call for Peace.

  • With this letter I sent copies of all the letters written to him since the year 1998 saved on the floppy disc. Following is the response I received:


London SW1A 2AA

From the Direct Communication Unit 30 October 2006

Dear Mr Aziz

The Prime Minister has asked me to thank you for your letter of 10 October, with which you enclosed a floppy disc and CD.

Mr Blair appreciates your kind thought in writing.

Yours sincerely


  • The object of the project: Call for Peace is to make the Public Authorities realise the concept of their duties and responsibilities. At some point in time all the letters written to the Prime minister, political parties and otherwise shall be uploaded on the website: www.callforpeace.org.uk.

  • The continuous ignorance of my letters by the Prime Minister and otherwise led me to write the book: The Public Authorities: Servants Or Masters? The features of the book can be browsed under option: Publications by logging on the website: www.callforpeace.org.uk.


Expected Resignation

Dear Mr and Mrs Blair

  • Theoretically you ought to have been aware of the name: Call for Peace and Naseer Aziz as I have been in correspondence with you since 1998 where I was led to write the book: The Public Authorities: Servants or Masters?

  • Although the letters have been received on your behalf where there was a set formal reply:

Dear Mr Aziz

The prime minister has asked me to thank you for your recent letter and the enclosures.

  • But I doubt you have been made aware of the letters and the book: The Public Authorities: Servants Or Masters?

  • One of the main objects of the project: Call for Peace is to make efforts that the authority i.e. heads of the states and otherwise discharge their duties and responsibilities amicably what they assume to discharge. The disparities start emerging when authorities start abusing their powers knowingly or unknowingly.

Although I am not a fan of yours nor I agree with any of your policies which you devised to run the politics of the country except that unemployment has been reduced. The fall in unemployment was mainly due to overhauling the social security system where a lot of bogus claims were handled both outside and inside the department.

  • However, my concern is based on the Teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith that the Head of the State should not be removed from his office in an abusive manner or otherwise.

  • Although the Base for the project: Call for Peace started building when I moved from London to North of England where I found the Islamic atmosphere and gradually it build up Last Prophet Mohammed Ibne Abdullah (SAW) to Introduce, Revive and Promote Islam at international level.

  • The writing of the book: The Public Authorities: Servants Or Master? was the first step towards the Promotion of Islam.

  • Promotion of Islam does not only mean that the people are asked to embrace Islam. In fact Promotion of Islam means to spread the Teachings of Islam by action, speeches, writings and otherwise. When the Teachings of Islam are put into practice then waves of Peace and Harmony prevail within the vicinity.

  • Why there was echo of the British Justice? Because its jurisdiction was based on the Qur’an as the name of the Last Prophet Mohammed Ibne Abdullah (SAW) is written on top of the list of Law Givers being the Greatest Law Giver in Lincoln’s Inn. You and your wife both are lawyers. You must have witnessed it. (I went there twice to witness It but the church was closed).

  • When Labour Party secured overall majority in 1945 under the leadership of Clement Attlee where he based the politics on Islamic values i.e. social security system, child allowance, married person allowance, nationalized the key industries: gas, electricity, telephone, transport etc. and these were subsidized by the higher rates taxes on rich people’s income.

Before the New Labour assumed the government, every Labour government adhered to these policies. But when the Conservative Party assumed power in 1979 it gradually privatized all the nationalized industries until 1997. When the New Labour assumed power it continued to follow the conservative party pattern while people gave them a landslide victory expecting that the old days of the Labour Party will return.

  • I am writing this letter to you in an effort that there must be a change in the ‘thinking’ of the members of the Labour Party where you be able to complete the full term in office rather than you leave office next year.

  • In one of my letters before or after the 2005 general elections I made a forecast that you will resign after two years. (I will see if the copy of the letter is in the file, if so, I will send that to you).

Mr and Mrs Blair! Before I outline the representations in an effort to change the thinking of the members of the Labour party, let me brief you the causes of the downfall of the leaders of the three parties.

  • I was assaulted in June 1993 while sleeping in a Masjid where I suffered multiple injuries both mentally and physically.

  • I was given an impression by the coordinator victim support that the compensation will be in excess of half a million sterling pound.

  • The Board only awarded only £83,000.00. This made me write letters to you, the Queen that led me in correspondence with the operation manager CICB etc.

  • At every level my representations were brushed aside that led me to write the book: The Public Authorities: Servants Or Masters? based on the correspondence.

  • Apart from securing my rights the object was that the authorities ought to discharge their duties and responsibilities amicably as I had observed and experienced that the power is being abused, more or less, at every level and this has been the cause of disparities in the world.

  • I sent the copies of the book to the consulates of many countries to forward to their respective heads of the states with a view that as the disparities in the whole world are because the reason that the heads of the states do not discharge their duties and responsibilities amicably so they should learn lesson from the authorities of the United Kingdom.

    I received a very cold response from you,

    Conservative and Lib Dam parties.

  • Alhamdu’lillah! (All Praises to Allah) The book: The Public authorities: Servants or Masters? was written with sincerity of heart. But because neither you nor the leaders of other parties gave due respect to the efforts for Call for Peace, Allah has created disparities within all the parties and the leaders of the parties either were ousted
    or resigned.

Ian Duncan smith

  • If I remember correctly he even did not acknowledged the receipt of my letters. Two members of the shadow cabinet returned the copies of the book and the rest neither replied nor retuned the copies of the book.

    Ian Duncan Smith was ousted by

    Vote of no confidence.

Michael Howard

  • I had sent his many articles that included: Is Hostage Taking Allowed in Islam? when Ken Bigley was captured by the Iraqi Jihadi movements. Letters were just formally acknowledged.

    He resigned. At the time he resigned I was in Pakistan. I am not aware why he had to resign. However, he resigned or had to resign. When the leadership is assumed then there is not a clause that he will resign.

Charles Kennedy

  • He and his shadow cabinet members not even acknowledged the receipt of the book. I did write to him again and again. He had to resign. I cannot foresee that he will be in front line politics again. May be he will lose in next general election. I admire his talents although on ethical basis those are not on the right lines.


  • You may not realise but I do not think that any prime minister or leader of a political party had to face rebellion from his own party. I do not have to go in detail.

  • In your speech at the last Labour Party conference appeared to have left a good impression and in the news I heard the views of the MP’s and otherwise that you have done good jobs in your premiership. But I believe, these were just due to the style of your speech that people got carried away.

  • On 30 September 2006 I listened to the radio BBC 4 programme: any questions and answers. There was a question: Should Tony Blair should go? The panel was of the opinion that you should go. Even one said that he should go tomorrow.

Jack Straw

  • He did not acknowledge the receipt of the book nor did he return the book. He has been demoted to Leader of the House from Foreign Secretary.

Robin Cook

  • His PA returned the book with a note on a piece of paper. He resigned.

David Blunkett

  • He did not acknowledge my articles, letters etc. He had to resign twice. And now you can see his reputation because of the affair he had.

Apart from the above, other than the political field the people who helped the project: Call for Peace financially and otherwise, Allah has rewarded them financially, unity of family, health and safety. And the people who did not come forward to help the project while they could they had to suffer financially, health wise and disparity among the families.

  • The above may not appeal to your mind that this is because of the fact that you and leaders of the other political parties have suffered, as they turned a blind eye to the Message of Allah i.e. to discharge the duties and responsibilities in amicable manner as people are born with a Capitalistic
    mind and they are of the opinion that ‘Peace and Harmony’ lies in ‘financial gains’ that leads to infringement of rights of other people.

However, look from this point of view.

  • Has there been a case in history where there had been rifts within the party. No doubt there were difference of opinions which are bound to happen and these are the sign of gaining strength in determining the policies to run the politics of the country.

  • At present there are rifts within the three parties and they are open to the public while in the past if there had been some rifts there were in the closed doors. Like Herald Wilson resigned all of a sudden and nothing came in the news that there was some kind of rift between him and Roy Jenkins. I believe, if Roy Jenkins had been his successor then conservative party would not have been able to have four consecutive victories.

The publication of diaries by David Blunkett

exposes the rift among the members.

Mr and Mrs Blair! Now the question arises how you can change the thinking of the members of the Labour party where you can complete full term in your office which can mend and repair the differences among the members?

  • First you have to change your own thinking. For this purpose you have to make an   honest analysis of yourself. The honest analysis can only be done by the principles and rules and regulation of ethics. The legal jurisdiction is based on ethics where Independence is the soul of any profession. Being a lawyer you are aware of it.

  • Study the book: The Public Authorities: Servants Or Masters? It is not a comprehensive book but it can show you the basic principles where one can make an honest judgement of himself. If you need a copy, please send me a cheque in the sum of £30.00 payable to Naseer Aziz.

  • Read the subsequent letters I have written you. If you like to read those, please let me know, I will send you copies of those letters saved in the CD or floppy disc. (Now a floppy disc is enclosed)

  • Discuss the issues with your wife. She is a lawyer and you both are close to each other.

  • Among the three political parties, as per my analysis there are more talented people in Labour Party than other parties. There are talented people in Lib Dam but they do not have any experience of being in the government.

  • At present there are not only two groups within the labour party but more than two. If you were to step down as you have mentioned in your speech at the last labour conference, there will be leadership election where there may five or more contenders. This will divide the party in five or more than five groups.

  • If for the sake of argument Gordon Brown is not elected as leader of the party there will a great tussle where the aides of Gordon Brown will become an opposition within the party and that will be detrimental not only to the party but nation as whole.

  • If Gordon Brown is not elected as leader of the party his talents will start depleting because his life long time wish is not fulfilled and psychologically he will go down and down. I have seen his photographs in the newspapers when there were doubts that he will succeed you.

You can judge this by looking at the state of David Blunkett.

  • If you were to step down next year your career is finished because you are, virtually, being ousted by the party that is tantamount to being vote of no confidence. Moreover, your talents will also be depleted because then you will be a backbencher. This tablet from prime minister for nearly ten years and then to a back bencher is not easy to swallow. The case of John Major, Ted Heath, William Hague and Michael Howard is different. They have either resigned or willingly made way for others. If you look at Ian Duncan Smith he is completely lost and he has not got anything to look forward. Similarly, Charles Kennedy has finished his talents being alcoholic and soon he will be out of the politics.

  • One ethical aspect which goes in your favour that you are properly married, you have a loving wife and you have grown up children who can be prepared to take the reins of country in their hands. If you were to step down it will have a serious psychological effect and impact on their minds as they in a way, virtually, born with not a silver spoon, but a gold spoon as their father has been a prime minister before they reached the age of their puberty.

  • Although their mother appear to follow the fashionable pattern, but she appears to be a good mother as no stories of mischief about them are in the newspapers. Had there been any, the media would have brought to light. This means that they are being brought up in a family atmosphere and they can be an asset to the nation. If you were to step down it will have serious effect and impact on their lives.

  • The nutshell of the above analysis is that you and your wife have to make an ‘honest analysis’ of yourself with the consideration that how you can serve the mankind and not to be in power for the sake of power.

  • The next step is to arrange a meeting with Gordon Brown and discuss the issue with him. If you feel that the contents of the letter will help him to change his mind then you can lend him this letter to read, of course, off the record.

  • I think Gordon Brown should realise now that likewise yourself, if you were to step down, he is also facing a risk of losing his talents and career and the country, because at present the two of you are beneficial assets to the country, if not the world, subject to the fact that you are prepared to change your thinking on ethical grounds.

Mr and Mrs Blair! In view of the assumption that you will remain as prime minister until the next term the leader of the party should be elected on the basis of Hazrat Omer (RTU) advised his predecessor to adopt.

Hazrat Omer (RTU) was killed by his slave. He had not enough time to think about the nomination of his successor. In view of this he nominated six persons to choose from within seven days of his death.

Among the six three withdrew in favour of their favourable successor. Then among the three one of them withdrew and asked the remaining two if they would accept his judgment to nominate the Ameer for the Muslim Ummah. They agreed. He had a word with both of them in private and then he nominated one of them. This is how Hazrat Usman (RTU) became the Ameer of Muslim Ummah being the third Khalifa of Khilafat Rashida.

Mr and Mrs Blair!

  • While electing the leader of the party if there are more than two contenders then over two contenders they should relieve themselves in favour of other contender and when two are left then the members of the party can vote to elect the leader.

  • In this way there will not be any complication or any hard feeling among the members and then the party can work as a ‘one unit’.

  • If a precedent is set the members of the party can any time ask the leader to leave, it will become a game of cat and mouse and it will be the public who will suffer.

However, Gordon Brown has to think that if you were to quit next year there is a chance that he may not be elected as leader of the party, as you have withdrawn your support for him where you evaded the questions, probably more than two times, of David Cameron if you are supporting Gordon Brown as your successor.

  • If you were to remain until the next term, hopefully, the thinking of the members will change, subject to your honest analysis, and then Gordon Brown can be sure of leadership without any contention.

  • I believe the book: The Public authorities: Servants or Masters? and the letters written thereafter will help you to make an honest analysis of yourself. However, the choice is yours. As I have been receiving letters in the past, I may receive a letter directly written by you like the letters on your behalf:

Dear Mr Aziz

The prime minister has asked me to thank you for your recent letter and the enclosures.

  • Another matter is the recent issue where Rt. Hon. Pope Benedict XVI made a statement in respect of the personality and character of the Last Prophet Mohammed Ibne Abdullah (SAW).

  • With the Grace of Allah, I have written an article and covering letter to the Pope Benedict which is saved on the CD. A letter has been also written to you as prime minister that will be received and opened by your correspondence staff. It may be that they will not bring it to your attention. Please ask for it so that you are officially aware of the letter and its contents. I enclose a copy of the letter.

  • From the above and reading the article and letter to Pope Benedict you and your wife can gather that I have a love for the mankind. I have written you this letter with view as a concern for the mankind. Otherwise, under the natural phenomenon, as my representations have been brushed by you knowingly or unknowingly, I should have been happy to let you go as a prime minister.

  • Please browse through the website: www.callforpeace.org.uk. I believe this will help you appreciate my concern for the mankind. It has not been updated for some time.

I have written you this letter as your personal capacity and not being prime minister. You are prime minister when you are in your office dealing with the state affairs. Moreover, such suggestions cannot be given to a prime minister.

  • When you will read the article and letter to High Commissioner of Pakistan, I believe, you will see that in spite of no financial resources for the last fifteen years there has been no halt in the project: Call for Peace i.e. books have been composed, books have been published in spite of financial, family problems and contesting the court cases by myself. Do you not think Allah’s help has always with me that everything is being done, though it indebted me over £100,000.00.

  • The project: Call for Peace has let me see the mentality of the heads of the muslim states that they do not care for anybody where likewise the book: The Public Authority: Servants or Masters?
    I had to compose the book in Urdu language: Do Heads of the Muslim States want Promotion of Islam? Likewise the authorities of the United Kingdom they have given the book a cold shoulder, where now I have to recourse to the People of the Scripture for financial assistance to keep the project moving.

I look forward to hear from you.

I hope you will not disappoint me this time.

Best Regards

Yours sincerely



  • Enclosed is the floppy disc where letters to you have been saved. This will help you to appreciate the concern for the mankind.

  • Please read these letters very carefully along with your wife. I believe there is a lot of material that can help you to change your thinking where you will be able to change the thinking of the members of your party that will lead to develop a concern for the mankind rather than personal wishes to gain power.

  • Alhamdu’lillah! I have been looking this matter with a far sight. If you were to step down next year, I don’t think you will qualify for peerage in the House of Lords. Even if you do, that will not be beneficial for the country. But if you were to complete the full term then the matter will be different.

  • You have to think carefully, that you have reached at this point that you have ignored the efforts for the promotion of Islamic Values that you can gather by reading the letters. Allah is giving you a chance to mend the damage done to yourself. If you still ignore then may be you end up in Job Centre looking for a job as one of the newspaper displayed in the cartoon where you are in the job Centre looking for a job.

  • I reserve the right to publish this letter sometimes in future if the project: Call for Peace warrants me to do so.