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Why Niqab is obligatory for Women?

Brothers and Sisters!

Assalam o Alleyykum

  • Man and woman are contrary in nature to each other. When they come across each other their Sensual Appetite emerges where they like to enjoy each other’s company and gradually it leads to satisfaction of illicit feelings.

  • Man enjoys superiority over woman. Therefore he finds excuses to take off the covers i.e. the dress from her body so that he can enjoy the looks of her body parts.

  • As the mankind, gradually, digressed from the Right Path the covers came off from the bodies of the women.

  • Allah (SWT) had mercy upon the mankind and commissioned Khatim ul Anbiyya Mohammed Ibne Abdullah (SAW) to Revive Deen e Islam. As the exposure of the bodies of the women was the main source of digression from the Right Path Allah (SWT) sent Guidance that the women must cover their bodies.

  • Alhamdu’lillah! The women observed the Guidance of Allah (SWT). However, with the passage of time the Muslim women got influenced with the Western Culture and they started dispensing with Niqab and Hijab.

However, in this day of age there are women who follow the Guidance of Allah and observe Niqab and Hijab.

Jack Straw who is leader of the House of Commons, formerly, home and foreign secretary started this issue that the Muslim women should not wear Niqab.

  • The project: Call for Peace warranted that the issue should be dealt under the light of the Qur’an and Hadith and make the world aware of the Hikmah (prudence) behind observing Niqab and Hijab.

  • Copies of the article saved on the CD were sent to:

    • Muslim and non Muslim heads of the states,

    • High commissioners of the Muslim and non Muslim Consulates,

  • Ulema,

  • Religious organisations,

  • Pope Benedict,

  • Arch Bishop of Canterbury,

  • Friends

  • The covering letters sent to the respective personnel are also uploaded on the website.

The purpose of the project: Call for Peace was that this issue will be dealt with at international level by ulema, religious organisations, heads of the states where the people will realise the imperativeness of observing Niqab and Hijab.

  • The article not only dealt with Niqab/Hijab of women but also men also fall under the requirement of observing the virtues of Niqab and Hijab.

  • This article is uploaded on the website: with a
    that the whole world becomes aware of virtues of Niqab and Hijab that is basic requirement to secure Peace and Harmony in the world.

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