Point of View

Call for Peace

In the Name of Allah,

the Most Gracious, and the Most Merciful


Brothers and Sisters!

Assalam o Alleyykum!

  • In technical terms Point of View means as how one looks at a particular matter based on his beliefs, outlook, and the environments one has been educated and brought up.

  • We live in this world where there are incidents, events and otherwise are taking place every moment of our lives. Each person can form a view about the incident.

Brothers and Sisters! There are certain events, incidents which have long term and wide ranging effect and impact upon lives of the people, nations and at international level. Therefore, it is imperative that consideration should be given at the earliest opportunity, so that the world is saved from negative effect and impact of the incidents and events which have taken place or likely to take place.

  • This world has been created by Allah (SWT) for a short time. If we look in depth then we will see that the object of the creation of this world by Allah (SWT) was and is is that the mankind can build up a profile which can secure the Pleasure of Allah and the life hereafter, which is forever, will be spent in Paradise.

Brothers and Sisters! Allah (SWT) has determined a Way termed as Deen e Islam to build up the profile. Please read the option: Islam Complete Way of Life by logging on the website: www.callforpeace.org.uk. Insha’allah! (Allah willing) you will be in the picture.

  • ‘Politics’ is such an issue that it deals with every sphere of life. In view of the disparity, unrest in the world, the project: Call for Peace warrants to deal with such issues at international level which are likely to have effect and impact upon the world affairs: socially, psychologically, economically and otherwise.

  • In fact the whole project: Call for Peace is Point of view based on the Qur’an and Hadith. However, under this option specific issues shall be dealt with.

  • Initially, this option is commenced with letters written to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair and HRH Prince Charles.

  • The base of writing letters to the Prime Minister Tony Blair was that people and members of his party were dissatisfied with his performance as Prime Minister and wanted him to resign as Prime Minister and leader of the party.

  • The base of writing letter to HRH Price Charles was to express point of view in respect of the controversial opinion whether Prince Harry should go to Iraq to join the British army.

  • Insha’allah! In future issues of such nature which will have effect and impact at international level shall be dealt with.

Please remember in Dua’as