Warning H O States

Call for Peace

In the Name of Allah,

the Most Gracious, and the Most Merciful





Heads of States




Brothers and Sister!

Assalam o Alleyykum

As none of them: heads of the muslim states, ambassadors of muslim consulates, chairmen of the political parties, businessmen and professionals did not response to any of my correspondence they were given warning that the correspondence shall be uploaded on the website: www.callforpeace.org.uk.


Subject Matter

Brothers and Sisters!

Assalam o Alleyykum

  • The Sunnah of Allah (SWT) is that when the people continuously defy following His Guidance and Teachings of the Prophets He (SWT) waits that people revert to the Right Path. When they do not, then Allah gives them warning through His (SWT) Prophets that should they not revert to the Right Path they will have to bear the consequences.

  • Under the light of the Teachings of the Prophets and sermons of the Ulema the Umaties of the Khatim ul Anbiyya Hazrat Mohammed (SAW) are advised to adopt the same approach.

  • With the Toffeeq of Allah, I embarked upon the project: Call for Peace i.e. Introduction, Revival and Promotion of Islam at international level where I petitioned the Muslim Heads of the States to sponsor the project: Call for Peace which they continuously denied by not responding to my letters and otherwise.

Brothers and Sisters! You will notice that the heads of the states, high commissioners of the muslim consulates, chairmen of the political parties, businessmen and otherwise were continuously guided and warned that left me no alternative other than to bring the Warnings given to them before the people of the world.

  • The authorities consider themselves being immune from moral, ethical and legal jurisdiction and they forget that they are normal human beings. However, they are more accountable to the public and Allah (SWT).

  • Please read the files under this option and judge for yourself that how the authorities were justified not to sponsor the project: Call for Peace.

Please remember in Dua’as